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Berowra  NSW  2082  Australia  

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If you are visiting family or friends, attending a local wedding, attending a course or just planning a family getaway, come and experience what Kookaburra Retreat has to offer.

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Laughing Kookaburra​​

The cackling of the laughing kookaburra is a familiar part of the soundscape in the bush in eastern Australia. Often given in the early morning or in the evening, this 'laughter' is used to maintain their territories as well as reinforce the pecking order among the birds in each group. Although they famously catch snakes, kookaburras mostly eat insects and small lizards, swooping down to snatch them from the ground.

Kookaburras will laugh with you and possums and wallabies may visit you at night.  The resident brush turkeys also parade through for a visit.


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Holiday & Short Term Accommodation, Holiday House

Our two bedroom accommodation offers you free access to Wi-Fi and Foxtel since we know you need some of the pleasures from back home.  We know you'll enjoy your stay with us, we even guarantee it. Better then a Hotel, you have your own private Holiday House!!